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How it all began…
In 2006, research and planning began on a program that would assist local small to medium sized businesses achieve new business and market share on a consistent basis. Asking input from Chamber executives and members alike, the ChamberMail team started molding a new resident program that would benefit both entities.

The idea was to create a “Chamber of Commerce Exclusive Program” which brought added value to chamber memberships and allowed the chamber to provide an actual marketing program for its Consumer Driven members, something in addition to networking events and leads groups. This program would also posture the chambers as the total resource for products and services in the community.

We needed a few chambers to buy off on the concept and fortunately a few did just that in Massachusetts. In December 2008, ChamberMail penned its first chamber agreement and launched the initial Direct Mail program in January 2009. Chamber Member Services LLC was born.

It wasn’t long before chambers nationwide were inquiring on how it would benefit them and their members. Chambers that had not yet experienced the ChamberMail difference were delighted with the ease of implementation, its attractive design and its marriage of form, function and practicality. ChamberMail made it possible to completely re-evaluate chamber program offerings for the consumer driven members.

Determined to stay ahead of the needs of the chambers and their members needs, ChamberMail then added an interactive Internet component and database access thus rounding out the successful program it is today.

The ChamberMail team will continue our commitment to offer the most powerful and most affordable member marketing program in the Chamber industry. In keeping with our roots, we will work together with you and your members to provide a program and service they need to make their membership more productive and profitable. Our experience has taught us that with this type of cooperative approach, there is no limit to the things we can achieve.